Brain Book Software LLC is a small privately owned software company that started developing the FORMfields web framework in 2004. Since then, FORMfields has grown into a significant tool for building both small and large scale websites and is used all over the world. We created FORMfields to fulfill the great need for a reusable framework that can be used to quickly create great web applications.

Our mission is to create affordable products that are powerful, yet simple.

Why the name "Brain Book Software?"
While working on his first projects, the founder of Brain Book Software kept his technical notes in a black and white Mead notebook. One day he was writing a song on his guitar and grabbed this Mead book and began writing song lyrics at the back of the book. Before long, he had a good collection of technical notes in the left side of the book and song lyrics in the right side of the book—just like how the left side of the brain yields technical thought and the right side of the brain yields artistic thought. Hence, he nicknamed the book the "Brain Book." Soon afterwards, the radical ideas in the book lead to the formation of a company and it was only proper that the company be named "Brain Book Software."

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